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SCHWEGO® soft 2000 T

Fountain additives for newspaper printing (coldset)

Function: SCHWEGO soft 2000 T is a fountain additive especially tailored to the requirements of coldset printing.
It can be used on all printing presses and with all damping units. As a result of reduction of paper waste and lower ink/water supply interesting saving potentials arise.
SCHWEGO soft 2000 RT for water hardness of 0° to 4° KH
SCHWEGO soft 2000 WT
for water hardness of 4° to 10° KH
SCHWEGO soft 2000 NT for water hardness of 8° to 14° KH
SCHWEGO soft 2000 BT for water hardness of 12° to 18° KH
  • Fast running free behaviour
  • Reduction of waste paper
  • Reduced ink/water supply
  • Excellent anti-linting behaviour (reduces lint build-up)
  • Stable adjustment of the pH-value
  • Checked and released according to default settings of the machine builders
  • Complexing of the hardness formers prevents any deposits on the ink and damping rollers
Quantity to add: SCHWEGO soft 2000 T is added to the water with a ratio of 2-3%.
Tip: Subject to appropriate storage, the described properties of SCHWEGO soft 2000 T series remain stable for at least 12 month.
Packaging: 10/20 kg can · 200 kg drum · 600/1000 kg container
The above information is based on our current knowledge and experience. No binding assurance in respect of certain properties or suitability for certain applications must be read into our information. Patent rights and other proprietary rights must be observed if necessary. Further safety instructions please learn from our material safety data sheet.