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... for better printing

Chemical products for printing shops, optimising the quality of the printing process and the printing products and for cleaning and maintenance of printing presses and machinery.

In the field of printing chemicals we are a reliable partner of the printing industry for more than 40 years - all over the world!
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Problems with dirty fountain solution circuits?

SCHWEGO aqua fix 8111 
is a novel, water-based cleaning agent and cleans the dampening system gently and intensively at the same time. It is also excellently suited for cleaning dampening systems, especially turbo dampening systems...
fogra logo  Member of Fogra for 45 years

In 1969, company Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG started its activities in the field of printing chemicals. At first, products were introduced to the market as “3C – Printing Chemicals” for sheet fed offset printing. Today, the delivery... 
Biocides in Fountain Solutions

What are effects due to the new legal situation? Our customers receive fountain solution additives specially adapted to the printing process from us. To protect our specialty chemicals from microbial attack, they contain...

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