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SCHWEGO® soft 1000 AWT / ANT

Fountain additives for sheetfed offset for IPA-free printing, with drying accelerator

Function: SCHWEGO soft 1000 AWT/ANT are fountain additives with drying accelerant for sheetfed offset printing; they ensure a printing process without any additional isopropanol (IPA) in the fountain water.

Even without IPA a static and dynamic surface tension is reached in the application concentration which usually is only to be found with a concentration of about 10 % IPA. In addition, an increase of viscosity will favour the water transport to the printing plate.

SCHWEGO soft 1000 AWT for water hardness up to 12° KH
SCHWEGO soft 1000 ANT for water hardness from 12° KH
  • Accelerated surface drying of the printing ink
  • Stable ink-water emulsion, especially with special colours
  • Complexing of the hardness formers prevents deposits on the ink and damping rollers
  • Stable adjustment of the pH-value
  • Fast free running behaviour
  • Special wetting agents will produce an even fountain water film
  • Suitable for CtP-plates
  • Also suitable for UV- and hybrid printing inks
  • Fastened surface drying of the printing ink
  • Checked and released according to the default settings of the leading machine-builders
Tip: The condition of successful printing without IPA is instinct and sensitivity of the press operator. The rule for a stable ink-water balance is:„As little water and ink as possible“.

As long as the balance is right, you can reach high ink densities even with reduced ink-water flow.

Subject to appropriate storage, the described properties of SCHWEGO soft 1000 AWT/ANT remain stable for at least 6 months.
Quantity to add: SCHWEGO soft 1000 AWT/ANT is added to the water with a share of about 2-4%.
Packaging: 10/20 kg can · 200 kg drum · 600/1000 kg container
The above information is based on our current knowledge and experience. No binding assurance in respect of certain properties or suitability for certain applications must be read into our information. Patent rights and other proprietary rights must be observed if necessary. Further safety instructions please learn from our material safety data sheet.