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SCHWEGO® pur 8051

Rheological additive for water-based coating systems, VOC-, APEO- and organotin-free

Chemical base: Polyurethane dispersion
Properties: SCHWEGO pur 8051 is a non-ionic thickening additive, which has a beneficial influence on the rheological properties of aqueous paint and varnish systems in these respects:
  • Thickening effect independent of pH
  • Minimum tendency to splatter when using roller
  • Effective acceptance of colour when tinting
  • High gloss retention
  • Good flow and levelling properties
SCHWEGO pur 8051 can be combined with other thickening additives in order to achieve special effects. The effect of SCHWEGO pur 8051 is depending on the binder system.
Applications: SCHWEGO pur 8051 is free of organotin and is therefore especially recommended for the use in textile printing inks according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. SCHWEGO pur 8051 is suitable for interior and exterior wall paints, water-based coatings and anticorrosive coatings, modified resin plasters and fillers based on polyacrylates, styrene copolymers or PU-dispersions. SCHWEGO pur 8051 shows a high gloss retention in glossy emulsion paints compared to acrylic and cellulosic thickening additives.
Technical data:
(Guide Values)
Appearance : whitish transparent liquid
Density (ISO 2811-1) : 1,04 g/cm³
Flash point (ISO 1523) : >100 °C
Processing: SCHWEGO pur 8051 should be added to the mill base. It is recommended to investigate the optimum dosage by preliminary laboratory experiments. An addition of 0.3 - 1.0 % calculated on the whole system is recommended. For predilution, either butyldiglycol/water (25/75) or methoxypropanol can be used. Dilution with water only will lead to viscosity increase.
Storage: Do not store SCHWEGO pur 8050 at temperatures below 5 °C and above 20 °C. Stir it up befor use. Keep it in a cool, well-ventilated place.

Subject to appropriate storage, the described properties of SCHWEGO pur 8051 remain stable for at least 12 months, provided the original container is closed after use.
Packaging: 25/150 kg drum
The above information is based on our current knowledge and experience. No binding assurance in respect of certain properties or suitability for certain applications must be read into our information. Patent rights and other proprietary rights must be observed if necessary. Further safety instructions please learn from our material safety data sheet.