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Our topics at the ECS 2023


At this ECS, we are focusing in particular on our new developments with a high proportion of renewable raw materials - but we have also expanded our tried and tested product range. Here is an overview of the most important new products:
  • SCHWEGO® eco foam 6320 and SCHWEGO® eco foam 6321 are two new deaerators for non-aqueous natural paints based on alkyd resins, polyols, etc.

  • The well-known ANTIGEL-series (multifunctional additives) has been extended, e.g. with ANTIGEL eco EL 2023

  • The well-known Korrodur-series (corrosion protection additives) has been extended, e.g. with KORRODUR eco EL 2223

  • SCHWEGO® flash inhibitor 6845 / 6844 / 6843 are three new flash rust inhibitors for water-based systems. They are free of nitrites, amines and borates

  • SCHWEGO® wett 6291 is a new dispersing agent for water-based systems. Fields of application are stains (transparent pigments), paints, pigment pastes and adhesive formulations.

    We are looking forward to your visit at our booth in hall 1, booth no. 1-648!